Woman in Casual Dress

I like Paul Klee‘s artwork so much that I follow him on twitter. I tried emulating his piece, Woman in Peasant Dress, which was twittered earlier today.

Watercolor and Ink: Woman in Casual Dress - After Klee's Woman in Peasant Dress

Woman in Casual Dress
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

Of course, there is no comparison between the two compositions. What I had in mind was to break up the space with wide ink lines, which Klee uses in many of his other works.  I was much too timid (and narrow) in my use (and scale) of my lines.  Klee seemed to capture the essence of peasant garb in his composition whereas I wasn’t able to boil down the ‘casual garb’ into an icon that most would recognize.

I’m sure there is even more information in Woman in Peasant Dress than I recognize. That is only one of the factors that makes the work of Paul Klee interesting.

5 thoughts on “Woman in Casual Dress

  1. Oh, I’ll have to look that painting up since I’m using Klee for my self portrait series. I like the simple lines and color blocks of your painting, whether it resembles Klee’s or not! (K)

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