Feathery Strokes

I began today’s abstract with feathery strokes. At first it reminded me of falling leaves or feathers.

Watercolor: Abstract - 102916

Abstract 102916
16″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

The color scheme started out with vermillion (a disappointingly pale wash), quinacridone purple (on the red side), and Payne’s gray. This predominantly reddish purple collection of strokes screamed out for a blue.  I penciled in French ultramarine with a stick of pigment to which I added water. The grain of the paper is more visible underneath these strokes than those of the other colors.

I was inspired to interdigitate yellows and iron oxide tones within the existing pattern. Finally, I added a concentrated Payne’s gray to settle the center of gravity to the bottom of the composition.

During the painting process, I was toying with the idea that the study would be about tiger stripes or other jungle camouflage. Visual feedback was partially responsible for this, but I had  The Leopard Man a Jacques Tourneur/Val Lewton movie on in the background, which is more likely the inspiration. At any rate, the composition turned out to be Abstract 102916.

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