Misspelled Newsstand

Today’s watercolor experiment:

Today’s watercolor sketch is from one of my photographs of newsstands. I took the photo toward the end of one of my walks. I know the date, August 15th, 1991, since I have shots of the Indian Independence Day Parade on the same roll of film. My notes also say that the location of this stand was looking south on 1st Avenue at 19th Street. I must have been in error, since 19th Street ends at 1st Avenue. So this newsstand must have been on the corner of 20th Street. Ten years after I took this photograph I would become much more familiar with that area, since my home would be in that neighborhood.

I began with a pencil sketch and painted loosely. The awning started with a yellow tint to which I added phthalo blue to get the green shade. I used white ink for the graffiti and the lettering on the awning.

Watercolor: Newsstand on the Way Back from Indian Independence Day Parade

Misspelled Newsstand
4″x6″ 140# Mixed Media Paper

Just so you know I didn’t misspell ‘Newsstand’ purposely, here is the photo I worked from:

Photograph: Newsstand on the Way Back from Indian Independence Day Parade

Newsstand, 1st Avenue

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