Newsstand, Lower Manhattan

Today’s watercolor experiment:

The newspaper stand in today’s watercolor was in Lower Manhattan according to my notes. I took a photograph of it in the early 1990s, during one of my walks in the city. My notes about the locations of pictures I took were vague most of the time. Sometimes however, I am able to get more specific clues from subsequent photographs on that roll. This was the case for set of images that included the reference photo for today’s newsstand.  One or two frames later in that roll of film,  I captured the storefront of DelMonico’s, a landmark steakhouse at 23 William Street (according to Wikipedia) and the address, “22 William Street” a frame or two later, thereby confirming the location of the newsstand.

This newsstand is no shrinking violet. The sign is about a quarter of the size of the closed shed upon which it sits. Certainly this stand is not of the same vintage as DelMonico’s (established in 1827), but it fun to think about what kind of structure would have been there at that time.

Here is my watercolor sketch with my best guesses for the colors. (My reference photograph is in black and white.)

Watercolor: Newsstand, Lower Manhattan

Newsstand Lower Manhattan
4″x6″ 140# Mixed Media Paper

I don’t remember any newsstands that offered film developing services, but this one did.

Photograph: Newsstand, Lower Manhattan

Newsstand Lower Manhattan – Reference Photo

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