I decided to take a break from thinking about grief, drawing plants, ferns and fungi.

Today’s watercolor experiment:

I did not want to think.  I wanted to try my new watercolor paper. It is larger (12″x16″) than the paper I am used to (9″x12″).

I pre-wet the paper with my 3” brush, which seemed much smaller than usual. The conventional wisdom is that one starts from light watercolors and proceeds to dark. Thus, I started with a streak of lemon, Indian and Naples yellow. Yellow is a wonderful color with which to begin a painting. One can add blue in some sections of a yellow field to generate a green, or red in another section to make orange appear.

The yellow streak inspired a red, horizontal ‘V’ shape, and a black shape next to it, for weight. I wanted some weight on the bottom of the frame, so I began with a wavy streak of Prussian blue and curled it into the yellow above. It wasn’t dark enough, so I added indanthrone blue to anchor the bottom.

An idea begins to take shape

The wavy blue at the bottom, transforming into the curl reminded me of an ocean wave. The fact that it stopped just before the black shape suggested its interruption by a barrier. It occurred to me that the wave is sometimes a metaphor for grief. I have been trying to decipher grief since my mother died just over a month ago.

Once I figured this out, I morphed the black shape into the lines of a chair facing away from the wave. I painted a green field facing the chair. If someone was sitting in this chair, he would be looking at lawn and not expecting a wave to hit. I enhanced one leg of the red ‘V’ so it ran through the chair into the green field. If someone was sitting there, the red bolt would go right through him.

Watercolor: Abstract Wave

12″x16″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

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