Cloud-Inspired Abstract

I began this experiment with my recent cloud watercolors in mind (Watercolor Clouds from Photograph, Watercolor Painting Process – Clouds).  However, instead of using gray-on-gray, I used two different colors. I laid down the dark red first. Then I used a diluted red and copied the dark contour, leaving a white gap.  I chose blue to surround the lighter red and to underscore the darker red.  I was hoping to merge the blue pools with the red to gain a purple interface.  The dark red pool overflowed. Evidence of the rivulet extends from the red-blue blob to bottom of the paper. I completed the background by filling in both sides of the red drip with blue.

Watercolor: Abstract - Cloud-Inspired, Flat Stage

Cloud-Inspired, Flat Stage
12″x16″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I wanted this piece to have some depth to it, so I applied a graded wash to both sides of the red line:

Watercolor: Abstract - Cloud-Inspired Final

Cloud-Inspired Final Result
Watercolor Abstract
12″x16″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

4 thoughts on “Cloud-Inspired Abstract

      • Hi, J. I hope you’re well today.

        I know what you mean about it being a little precarious getting back into watercolours. I did the same myself recently after many years of not using them at all. But, I’m finding that I really like them and get on quite well with them as a medium. They suit my proclivity for having a short attention span. You’d think acrylics would suit me just as well, but I find them loathsome. I’m going to attempt to overcome that and learn to use it as a viable painting medium. So far I’ve been using acrylics for blocking in oil paintings. Watercolour however, is an unusual but fascinating beast in itself, and now that I’ve managed to source some decently pigmented paints I’m happier at the idea of producing quality works of art with them. I’m not exactly a traditionalist when it comes to watercolour. I use them much like I use oils, but I like that they dry in a fraction of the time and that you can manipulate them in ways that you can’t with oils. The same of course, is equally true of oils. 🙂

        I am enjoying looking at your painterly explorations. You always provide food for thought.

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        • Thank you, M! At this point, I like watercolors for the fact that I don’t have to clean the brushes right away. I remember in my previous watercolor activities, I loved how the colors mixed. I hope to get back to that stage soon, but my goal now, is to sketch out ideas. I guess I’m making a transition from true sketching (with pen and ink) to sketching with color and will hopefully get back to using the full capabilities of watercolor. Thanks again. I welcome your insight, M.

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