Abstract Brain

I didn’t have any ideas in mind when I started today’s painting. My main impetus was to see how the pigments interacted. I know, for example, that cobalt blue and quinacridone nickel, when combined create a very pleasing range of colors. Another color that I use is called Moonglow (by Daniel Smith) displays a range of colors from purple to blue, without mixing it with any other color.

Watercolor: Abstract - Brain

Abstract Brain
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I had no idea that I was painting a portrait of a brain, in profile.

11 thoughts on “Abstract Brain

  1. For some reason I want to hold it.
    I just have this odd impossible urge to stick my hands into this painting and pull out the brain as it turns three dimensional and just hold it. It makes me feel an odd sensation in my hands like I already am holding it feeling its lines, textures, and temperatures.
    …. quite strange and interesting.
    I like it. I am not able to tell why, in particularly, I get such an odd experience looking at this. I just do and so I thought I’d share that tidbit.
    This painting is really cool and and that Moonglow paint seems cool too.

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