New Year’s Eve Predictor?

New Year’s Eve was a disaster. After work, at about 7:30, I went to pick up the food that Joy ordered at 3:00. In the standing-room-only area around the take out area, I waited for my name to be called, and waited. At 8:30, I asked to speak to the manager who said our order was almost ready. To make a long story short, I finally got the food at 10:00, fully 7 hours after the order was put in!!  The manager was ‘terribly sorry’. At home, the food was ice cold.  My sister-in-law woke up at 4:00AM, sick as a dog.

Welcome to 2017.

Today’s watercolor:

I experimented with two types of blues, the greenish Prussian blue and cobalt blue, a reddish blue. I merged the Prussian blue with a some of a yellow pigment field, on the left side of the composition. Adjacent to the yellow, I painted a red figure. At first, it reminded me of a bottle or other vessel. To the right of the figure, I painted in the cobalt blue.

An errant drip of clear water in the center of the paper created a ‘hole’ in my red bottle.

In the context of the inauspicious beginning of the new year, I now see my ‘bottle’ as a wrecking ball.  I hope this is not a predictor of the tenor of the coming year.

Watercolor: Abstract - New Year's Day Dream

New Year’s Day Dream – Wrecking Ball
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

8 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Predictor?

  1. Better luck my a__. Forgive me but I would have sued, or would be suing, or would at least be talking to an attorney. And why did you wait? I would have seen a bowl of cereal in my future at 8 o’clock. But this is the important question: What restaurant was this? You can review restaurants on several sites on the Internet. I would certainly take the time to warn off as many new customers as possible. They (the restaurant and the customers) deserve to hear this story.

    Happy New Year.

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    • Thanks, Patsye. First I want to get a refund. My sister-in-law was glad handed by the GM, so I’m getting the name of the regional manager. After that comes the review wars. And you’re right, I should have left way earlier with a refund. Work is in progress.
      It’s got to get happier, the new year, that is.
      Thanks again.


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