Simple Plan

I tried not to make a mistake today, although yesterday’s mistake yielded an interesting outcome.

I was inspired by a detail of a Kandinsky painting (don’t remember which one), that had two lines slanted and canted toward each other. Instead of keeping the lines separate, I made them cross over.

I used a paintbrush to apply the liquid latex to the circular and partial circular forms. Making sure I coated the brush with soap before I started, I dipped the brush in the frisket and painted the figures. It worked much better than the chopstick I used yesterday.

After this prep work, I washed the paper with lemon yellow and, after it dried washed again with English yellow, a darker and more orange tint.

After the washes dried, I painted the lines with ultramarine blue and permanent green number 1. The ultramarine atop the yellow wash yielded a textured green tint. The permanent green was not affected much by the underlying yellow.

The large circle in the foreground accepted the ultramarine blue pigment. It is more blue than the line crossing through it, since the area under it was masked and not affected by the yellow washes.

I filled in the partial circles surrounding the crossed lines with red and red-orange and completed the composition with blue dots in the foreground and red and orange dots at the top of the page.

Watercolor: Abstract Circles and Crossed Lines

12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

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