Abstract with Texture

I began today with two pencil curves, each of which included a tiny loop. I closed my eyes while I was drawing. I found myself constructing a mental image of my sketch. It was more of a feeling than a picture in my mind. I find it difficult to describe the actual experience, but it was unusual, and very interesting.

I moistened the paper between the penciled curves and applied ultramarine blue and rose of ultramarine as washes. I made a black arc to appear to run through the free form.

I balanced the plain English yellow field on the upper left of the composition, with a textured blue, punctuated with red on the lower right. I finished of the design with red surrounding the upper portion of the black divider and dark blue surrounding the lower portion.

Watercolor: Abstract Expressionism with Salt

Abstract 032116
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block


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