Frame #2

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post which was frame #1 in one of my dad’s 8mm of us kids back in the 1950s. I chose three frames of my brother Mike. Mike is autistic, low functioning and has never spoken. I was always difficult to get his attention, to say nothing of understanding what he was feeling.

Here is my photograph of the second of three frames my dad’s film:

Photograph: - Mike Frame #2

Mike Frame #2

The expression is slightly different from the frame before.

Below is my rendition of this expression.

Watercolor: Abstract Expressionist Portrait - Mike Frame #2

Mike Frame #2
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

My copy of the shapes and tones of the original photograph conveys a certain feeling to the viewer. It is probably not the same ones imparted by the photograph, however. The minute shading differences are difficult to capture as are the proportions and spatial relationships among face parts.

Comparing Mike’s portrait in frame #1 (Dark-Eyed Mike #1) to his portrait in frame #2 (above), one also sees other differences than just his expression. Quality control between images was not my concern today, although I would have liked today’s face to be more child like.

Tune in tomorrow for my rendition of the final frame of the 3 frames I chose from Dad’s movie.

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