Proportion Practice

Today’s watercolor experiment:

Today I worked from my imagination. I know that I have my grandson William’s features in my head. I tried to lay them out with watercolors. I need a better interface between my head and my hands, it seems.

Watercolor: Portrait

Proportion Practice
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I did not intend the pencil marks to indicate a beard, although that is what seems to be the effect. Rather I was hoping to narrow the face as originally painted. It was a bit too fat. The length of the face is a bit too long as well.

In order to strengthen my brain-hand connection, my plan from here is to return to drawing from life and paint a better picture from memory. Ultimately I would like to abstract Will’s most memorable features for an expressionistic portrait to capture more than I would in a realistic portrait.

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