Graffiti, Wood and Brick

Today’s watercolor experiment:

The emphasis of yesterday’s post was texture rather than graffiti. Today, in my experiment, texture is a major visual element of the composition, but graffiti is just as important.

Today’s study depicts two different surfaces: brick face and wood. The plywood panels are easy to identify, from the details of the wood grain, the knots and the dots that represent the heads of the nails. The brush strokes that sketch the green border around the plywood indicate a wooden surface as well. A vertical line divides the wooden section from the brick. The brick itself is divided into three regions: white brick in shadow; white brick and red-painted brick (which can be seen more clearly in the reference photograph).

One can tell that the black paint used for the graffiti was soaked up by the green wooden panel and repelled by the red brick. The faint echo of the black paint drips down the glazed red brick.

Watercolor: Section of Boarded Up Window and Brick Wall

Graffiti, Wood and Brick
6″x4″ 140# Mixed Media Paper

My composition today is not a cropped version of a photograph. It is a direct copy of a full-frame photograph I took during my wanderings when I lived in New York City. The abstract design appeals to me.

Photograph: Section of Boarded Up Window and Brick Wall

Graffiti, Wood and Brick Reference Photo

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