Today’s experiment:

I had such fun with yesterday’s trip down memory lane (also known as Lexington  Avenue in Manhattan), that I looked for a photograph I took inside the Sutton Clock Shop.  I found one:

Photograph: Inside Sutton Clock Shop

Inside Sutton Clock Shop

If I could have a wall of clocks of my own, it would look something like this. I would probably have shelves, to accommodate smaller clocks and watches, pendulum clocks, and maybe a book or two about time travel.

But instead of imagining my time shelf on paper, I opted to draw a pen and ink sketch of this clock wall.

I mentioned yesterday that, in the Clock Building experiment the watercolor paper was not that well suited for a detailed pen and ink drawing, especially on small paper (4″x6″). Today, I used mixed media paper, which is very smooth. The quality of this paper that accepts pen and ink, makes it less well suited for watercolor. Water is not easily absorbed by the mixed media paper. This is the reason I did not proceed beyond the pen and ink stage for today’s composition.

Pen and Ink: Sketch of Clocks Inside Sutton Clock Shop

Inside Sutton Clock Shop
4″x6″ 140# Mixed Media Paper


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