Don’t Mess

I almost feel guilty. My newly found way to create watercolors is fun and thought provoking, even it begins with a random act. I pour a splash of liquid frisket (also known as drawing gum or watercolor resist) onto watercolor paper. After that, I tilt and turn the paper to steer the fluid along its way. Since I watch what I do whilst manipulating the drips, I can hardly characterize this part of my creative act, random. However the initial distribution of drops may produce several different streams of fluid that move in synchrony.

After I have an interesting pattern, I may have an idea about how to proceed, as in yesterday’s post (Made To Be Broken), or not (Paint Now, Add Title Later).

Today’s watercolor adventure:

I left the frisket traces blank today, since I wanted the divisions separating the color and patterned fields to be simple. I thought of coloring them with some manner of complementary pigments, but opted for simplicity instead.

The idea of an angry Mother Nature took hold when I noticed a small dot of frisket inside a head-shaped enclosure. I colored that area with my formula for flesh color (yellow ochre, white and cadmium red). I painted the fields beneath Mother Nature to represent natural resources and her head as a stormy night sky. One can see her open maw about to devour mankind.

Watercolor: Abstract, Surrealistic with Blues, Stripes and Figures

Don’t Mess with Mother Nature
16″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

Not all of my abstracts tell me a story, but I like it when they do.

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