Standpipe Portrait

We had a great time in LA, especially taking Sidra to the American Girl store. She was trembling with excitement the whole time we were there. We all had a wonderful time celebrating her 10th birthday.

While she, Nanna, Mom, Dad and Auntie Sarah and Uncle Ted were perusing the doll paraphernalia, I took some time for myself to see if the fire prevention apparatus was up to par in the neighborhood. It wasn’t a neighborhood, really. It was an outdoor mall of sorts called The Grove.

Digital Photo - The Grove Logo

It was all very shiny. There were no cars allowed on the streets, which were paved with bricks except for the middle, which was occupied by trolley tracks.

I was lucky to have found this brilliant standpipe outlet. I not only satisfied my yen for fire equipment, but also took the opportunity to generate a distinguished self portrait, if I do say so myself.

Digital Photo - Standpipe and Selfie in Reflection

Standpipe and Selfie
Digital Photo

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