Ten Years of Age

Sidra, my granddaughter had her tenth birthday today. She was so excited last night that she could hardly sleep. Today, we all went to the American Girl store where she had the time of her life. When we got home, there was some down time before her party later in the day. While Sidra was quietly gussying up Nicole Lily Aspen, her new ‘Just Like You’ doll, I had a chance to interview her about what it was like to turn ten. I interviewed Sidra just before her brother was born, after he was born , six months later and at his first birthday. Today we continued the tradition.

Jack: Sidra, tell me about turning ten years of age.

Sidra: I don’t really get a feeling of being ten.

J: What did you think being ten would be like before you actually turned ten?

S: I thought it would be magical.

J: What happened?

S: I felt magical, seeing my whole family. It still feels magical because it’s not the end of the day yet.

J: So the magical feeling is different from the “being ten” feeling?

S: Yes.

J: Tell me what it was like in the American Girl store today.

S: I felt [sharp intake of air] like I was going to faint.

About going back to school

J: Tell me what do you think 5th grade will be like?

S: I think it will be harder, in the learning.

J: You didn’t like math that much when I saw you in Chicago. How do you feel about it now?

S: Math is pretty good; not my favorite subject. [But] it’s in everything.

J: What are you looking forward to in 5th grade?

S: Seeing my friends.

J: What if they had a course in weather?

S: I love weather.

J: What would you like to learn about weather?

S: Weather survival and signs of weather.

Sibling update

J: While we’re talking, I’d like an update about being a big sister.

S: It’s awesome but sometimes Will gets into my things. Sometimes he’s holding one of my things and I say, “No,” and he just smiles at me and runs away.

J: What about sharing a room?

S: It kind of stinks because Mom comes in and says, “It’s his room too.”

S: My little brother is annoying because sometimes he gets my dolls by the hair and starts swinging them around. [But] I love having him because I am not alone.

Digital Photo - Happy 10th!

Happy 10th!
Digital Photo

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