Another Vintage Watercolor

It is very interesting reviewing my older watercolors. As I mentioned yesterday, I lived in New York City for a very long time and loved photographing anything that caught my interest. I also love book stores. There were actual book stores when I lived there.

I photographed the Argosy Book Store, which used to be (I don’ know if it is still there) on 57th street just east of Park Avenue. I loved browsing there; they had an old elevator that went into the stacks. What an adventure.

Here is a photo of the Argosy:

Photograph - Argosy Book Store

My watercolors from back then were more pen and ink drawings filled in with watercolors. It was as if I was timid about putting color on the page. I was much more of a drawer than a painter back then, concerned with accurate depiction. Although I may have moved some windows around from their actual position in the photograph – a bold move for me at that time.

Watercolor Pen and Ink - Argosy Book Store

Argosy Book Store
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block


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