Untitled Abstract 012520

I began this experiment with a sweeping blue arc, then a minor gray blob. If you rotate the canvas below by 90 degrees counter-clockwise, you can see that the original brushstrokes trace the outline of a skull. I toyed with the idea of constructing an abstract portrait, but those first brush marks did not inspire further development in that direction.  I next scribbled some purple (ultramarine violet, to be precise) and even splattered the remainder of that color onto the paper. I laid down some yellow, hoping to accentuate the purple strokes. I added other layers of random strokes and filled in some spaces with solid color.

I could not arrive at a title for this work. I wonder what images you, the reader, see.

Watercolor: Abstract - Untitled Abstract 012520

Untitled Abstract 012520
12″x16″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

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