4 thoughts on “X-ray Waiting Room with Kid’s Corner

      • I am enjoying the thought that you might have amended the scene unconsciously – sounds very psychological and intriguing and full of analysis potential…!!! and I also like the idea that maybe the stickers really were scary, and how that changed my idea of the whole story of this room…hmmm… the plot thickens! It is interesting how one small detail so changes a drawing, on a more serious note – that is also interesting to think about.

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        • Hmmm… really scary stickers in a waiting area for kids who are about to be taken into a room with a machine that shoots death rays (I mean x-rays)…. That would be so cold.

          There is a series of drawings of cats done by an artist as his mental illness progressed; so, mental state is a definite factor in production of artistic works.

          Thanks Claudia, for your observations.

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