More Street Art

Those of you who have been following my recent series of found ‘street art’ know not to expecting murals or other graffiti masterpieces. On the contrary. I have been making art by way of framing portions of lines and blocks of paint used to delineate parking areas or lanes of traffic.

I’ve mentioned in my other posts (Vertex, Another Vertex, Pavement Lines, Chipped Pavement Painting, Bikon, Pre-Bikon Pavement Sign, Bikon and Self Portrait) that the texture of the paint and the pavement, especially with oblique lighting, attracts me. Framing of a photographic subject entails questions about framing: which parts of the subject to include?; which to exclude?; is the subject at the top of the frame?; the bottom?.  In the case of this series, I parse the subject so that its original purpose is not recognizable. I make up a geometric environment for the lines painted on the pavement and create ‘found art’.

Photograph: Street Photograph - Corner Line with Dotted Line Beginning 081317

Corner Line with Beginning of Dotted White Line

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