Abstract Portrait 071517

I started drawing today’s free-form figure with my left hand, just for a change. However, I quickly changed back to my right hand. I made two different designs that overlapped. That was the easy part.

I thought quite a bit about where to start on this mass of intertwining lines. Once a bounded area is chosen, other options become limited. How does one navigate from the first chosen area to make the next choice? By proximity? By center of gravity, considering the length and breadth of the working surface? And these are just questions of geography.

Without a preconceived plan, colors are even more difficult to decide upon.

But with each choice, subsequent decisions become easier.

Watercolor: Abstract - Free Form Portrait 071517

Free Form Portrait
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

At an early stage, the composition told me that it was a portrait. I completed this study with that idea in mind.

2 thoughts on “Abstract Portrait 071517

  1. “But with each choice, subsequent decisions become easier.” That says it exactly. The path defines the steps as it narrows, I find, and many times I feel I am just following it when I am painting. Love this post.

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