Contemplating the Navel

In this abstract I sketched only one recognizable form – the cross section of a brain inside a head. I sketched the rest of the lines with a fine point frisket (liquid mask) applicator.

My initial concern was to paint gradients of color within each field bounded by the frisket lines. The Bauhaus Master, Paul Klee used this technique in many of his paintings.

Watercolor: Brain Looking at Organic Self 070817

Contemplating the Navel
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

The irregular forms, even though unified by their common gradient shading, contrasts with the icon figure of head and brain. To Joy, my wife, those peculiar shapes reminded her of the insides of a body. Suddenly it all made sense. An alternate title to this post could be: Brain Looking at Organic Self.

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