Pale Blue Abstract

Yesterday’s lesson was to clarify my relationship to the world through the marks I make and the colors I apply to paper, and not on their meaning. That is a very clear artist’s statement, but unfortunately it contains no information about how to accomplish that mission.

There must be  a starting point, a first mark on the paper. The next part of my painting process is to stare at the paper and wonder what the next brush stroke should be to please to my eye. I hope there is a connection between what is pleasing to my eye and my relationship to the world.

Sometimes my paintings are successful and sometimes they are not. It is always difficult. The key is in the routine of painting. The more one paints, the more chance one has of being successful.


Watercolor: Abstract - Pale Blue & Orange

Abstract 031817
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

Oddly enough I find it is easier to impose my relationship to the world through my representation of an actual object than through an abstract idea or feeling inside my head. For example, my depiction of Arthur, my pet avocado tree, in his decrepitude, allowed me to focus on the idea of decay rather than the tree object itself.

Watercolor: Representation - Avocado Plant in Decline

Arthur, In Decline
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block



3 thoughts on “Pale Blue Abstract

  1. I was interested in what you said regarding representing your feelings, etc. through representation vs abstract. I find it the same in my own art. I’ve always been more able to understand when examples or objects are used rather than ideas or concepts.

      • Yes, I think each person leans a certain way in their thinking, how they solve problems, etc. I know that I am a doing kind of person vs. a thinking. And I know it comes out in my art. Lots of trial and error. So what you said was interesting to me as a view of another artist’s thinking.

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