Guess Who Started Smoking?

My abstract started with a blue ‘S’ curve. I let it sit for a while until I decided that it would be a baby dragon. I cross hatched some scales along the snake-like body and ended with a flourish of squiggles. My dragonlet has just gotten to the somewhat smokey ‘ignition’ stage (I haven’t decided if this is before or after teething – probably after so the fangs can be tempered).

At any rate, in my study below I’ve captured “baby’s first ‘fire’ breath.” Many dragon parents hope to witness this milestone event in each of their offspring.

Watercolor: Abstract - Dragonlet 030117

Abstract Dragonlet
12″x9″ 246# Linen Acrylic Paper

When the smoke clears, usually the dragonlet is confused, but its burning desire has been slaked for the moment. Parental feedback is essential for baby to continue developing and to breathe fire and stop smoking.

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