Distracted Abstract

Background for today’s art:

Mixed feelings, mainly sadness. The funeral was today. I’m usually very stoic, but surprised myself by the intensity of my emotions about the death of my niece. The kids came up from down south and one gave a heartfelt eulogy about her cousin. At the reception my niece’s sister presented a slide show that had me choking back tears.

Abstract 102516:

With everyone at the house, I slipped away into the studio and applied some random brush strokes in the earth tones I have been using for the past few days. I left some white space between the strokes and  outlined the leading edge with neutral tint.

I painted bold, unmixed colors on the opposite diagonal to the original brushstrokes. Without conscious reference to the day’s events, I painted bold squiggles within the earth-toned splotches. These visual elements represented energetic particles. I added spiral tracings similar to those seen sometimes in cloud chamber energy detectors.

Watercolor: Abstract - Earth Tone and Cloud Chamber

Abstract 102516
16″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

The partially cartoonish, energetic hodgepodge of a composition represents the general tenor of the day.

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