Coney Island Texture

I took this picture through the fence at Coney Island during the off season. There is fine texture on the fence post and links of the fence in the foreground, while the chain link fence as a whole, overlays a regular, course pattern on the scene. In optical terms, the photograph captures a wide range of spatial frequencies.

Photograph: Coney Island Texture

Looking Through the Fence on Coney Island

This photograph was tough to transcribe to the pen and ink medium. Instead of practicing the pattern of the links before I tackled the drawing, I tried to follow the wire of the fence from one the left side to the right. It was confusing and I kept losing my place.

However, I thought it was a worthy exercise.

Pen and Ink: Coney Island Texture

Coney Island Texture (Pen and Ink)
4.5″x3″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper

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