Negative Squiggles

I abandon the straight edge and compass for today’s design. I drew free form with my oil-based pen. I had thoughts of eventually washing the paper with a yellow-orange wash, so I filled in some of the loops of the free-form design with dark blue and purple for contrast.  After drying these patches, I painted over them with liquid latex, to preserve the color from the wash.

Before I applied the washes, I painted another free form design with latex resist.  After drying, I used aureolin yellow and cadmium orange in a series of separate washes.

It was fun filling in the loops between the lined and the dried latex designs.  After I removed the latex, the white space was revealed.  I left the composition at this point, with plans to experiment with filling in the white squiggles with different colors using Photoshop.

Watercolor: Abstract with Latex Resist and Pen Free Forms

Negative Squiggles
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

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