Abstract 031816

I used the same basic pigments as in yesterday’s painting: Ultramarine Rose and Ultramarine Blue. Having left the dish with the rose pigment overnight, I noticed that it separated into red and blue components. Closer inspection of my tube of Daniel Smith Ultramarine Rose revealed the pigments PB29 (ultramarine blue) and ‘quinacridone red’, noted as PV19 (actually a violet pigment).

I like the way the English yellow and ultramarine rose mixed through a small connection between the two pools of pigments at the top of the design.

I applied ultramarine blue in a very light wash underneath the yellow at the bottom of the picture. I did not realize that this field could be seen as a shadow. But here’s the rub: abstracts should not cast shadows.

Watercolor: Abstract Expressionism with Ultramarine Rose and Blue

Abstract 031816
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block


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