Wind and Earth

In the doldrums. Off to a slow start this year. In addition to continuing my daily watercolor struggles, have a couple of new projects: 1) starting my new web site, where all my art will be organized; 2) finding a publisher for my book about Mike, my older brother who is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. Neither of these goals is as easy for me to do as painting, although lately that has become bothersome as well.

Today’s watercolor experiment:

The seed of today’s abstract was the idea of a variegated wash with three primary colors (cobalt blue, aureolin yellow and permanent rose). I was hoping that the semi-random interactions of the paints would inspire me.  It didn’t work until I added the deeper indanthrone blue. The cobalt blue was not saturated enough to make a difference with the red and yellow.

However, the darker blue provided hard and soft edges to the composition. I mixed it with red at the bottom, which resulted in a muddy color gradually softening into an unsaturated purple. Diagonally across the paper was a remnant of the light cobalt blue. I scraped off some pigment and the dynamic forces, wind and earth, came into being.

The colors between the two turbulent forces were not in any particular spectral order, so the name of my composition revealed itself to me: The Wind and the Earth Fight Over the Sunset

Watercolor: Abstract Expressionistic Portrayal of Earth and Wind

The Wind and Earth Fight Over the Sunset
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

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