Imaginary Mountains

It’s a new year and I want to get back to basics in addition to moving forward.  I am re-opening some of the books about color. I just get so excited about consolidating my knowledge that I have a hard time concentrating on reading. But I know that true progress relies on knowledge as well as experience.

In the coming days I will be making color mixing charts. I think this procedure will cure me of the desire to obtain every shade of color under the sun. For example, I have 19 different blue pigments. This means my mixing chart will have at least 19 entries. I will be using Color Right From the Start by Hilary Page as my guide. For her blue mixing chart, she recommends aureolin yellow and permanent rose quinacridone to be blended with the blues. That translated to quite a bit of pigment to mix with the blues.

Today’s watercolor experiment:

I painted imaginary mountains today. I used Peacock blue with the side of a dry brush for the first pass, to form the distant mountains. Above this I painted in a sky of cobalt blue. For the middle-distant mountains, I used Winsor red deep, also with a dry brush. The red in the middle foreground is also Winsor red deep, but this time I used the wet-in-wet technique to disperse the color and attain a fog-like appearance. I merged this with permanent mauve and laid down a hard edge of mauve after allowing the paper to dry. To finish off the study I reversed the colors softening the hard-edged mauve border and merging it with the Winsor red, ending with Peacock blue at the very bottom of the painting.

When all was dry, I used Winsor yellow to glaze the fog-like Winsor red.

Watercolor : Fantasy on Mountains

Imaginary Mountains
9″:x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

The result is an imaginary landscape. The kind one might see in a dream.

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