The Meadows’ Dog Graffiti

Today’s watercolor experiment:

There are at least two layers of interest in my vertically-formated photographs, especially my street snapshots. On many occasions I have taken a series of shots of the same subject in horizontal and vertical orientations to get a better sense of the scene.  David Hockney had an issue with the lack of information contained in a single photograph. I love his photographic representations that include a patchwork of images that add spatial information to the subject. I have used this technique on occasion to piece together a panoramic view that was impossible to capture with a camera (in the days before software stitching of digital images).

The photograph I used today, stands on its own. The lower portion depicts a gated storefront, below which is a graffitied message. As a non-graffiti speaker, all I can gather from the message is, “…dog… (something)”.

A corrugated silver moat separates the store from the living quarters (presumably). Gathered curtains drop down from the top of the windows, which are in shadow. The curtains are bunched together to make room for the laundry that is hanging in the window to dry.

Watercolor: Dog-Shaped Graffiti Under Closed Shop Window

Dog Graffiti Under The Meadows Shop Window
6″x4″ 140# Mixed Media Paper

The glow of yellow is the sunlight that illuminates the area behind the gate. I painted the part of the gate in shadow with white ink, to separate it from the background. I dabbed a bit of yellow and red on the ink to approximate the color of the sunlight.

Here is the original black and white photo:

Photograph: Dog-Shaped Graffiti Under Closed Shop Window

Dog Graffiti at The Meadows – Reference Photo

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