Corner Graffiti

Today’s watercolor experiment:

I must have been focused on graffiti during my walk to Adorama back in 1991 (see yesterday’s sketch: Graffiti for Rent), or graffiti was so ubiquitous then, one couldn’t avoid it. A few frames later on my roll of film, I found a photograph of a bit of graffiti on a store window. I think the attraction for me was the cast iron column and the car in the middle ground.

Watercolor: Graffiti on the Corner

Corner Graffiti
4″x6″ 140# Mixed Media Paper

The graffiti message, which I decoded as “Naughty for Love” was a factor as well. I love signs.

Here is the photograph:

Photograph: Graffiti on Corner Building

Corner Graffiti – Reference Photo

The colors in the photo are washed out. Color correction is an option, but I like the cast of nostalgia it conveys. The odd thing about the pairing of these images is the modern look of the watercolor and the aged look of the photo.

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