Graffiti Box

Today’s watercolor experiment:

I’ve been finding a lot of pictures of 1990s NYC graffiti in the archives of photographs I took while I lived there.

The photograph below might be a newsstand or other kind of sales kiosk. It is hard to tell, since it is closed and padlocked. So, I call it my graffiti box.

Photograph: Graffiti on a Closed Newsstand

Graffiti Box Photo

Today’s watercolor sketch is a recreation of this graffiti canvas, or perhaps I should say sculpture.

Watercolor: Graffiti Newsstand Box

Graffiti Box
6″x4″ 140# Mixed Media Paper

As with yesterday’s graffiti study on brick, the image in the photograph emphasizes the ground on which the hand-written message is applied, rather than the writing itself.  The proportions of the box in the photo are broader than in the watercolor. The dimensions of kiosk displayed in the watercolor sketch are more like those of a special-purpose out building before indoor plumbing. This puts the graffiti box writing in a different context.

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