Traveling Today

We had to drive back to San Jose today. It’s 350 miles more or less from LA. We took the scenic route back that takes us right next to the Pacific. Ordinarily it is wonderfully clear, but today it was a bit foggy off shore. Joy and I love to see the ocean. It occupies less space in my memory since I’ve only been here about 7 years, but Joy has childhood memories of trips to the beach with her extended family. I’ve seen some of the 8mm movies. It looked like fun.

We stopped for a bit at a really nice epicurean sandwich shop. We had been there a few times, but on today’s occasion we got there without making any wrong turns. In case I forget, it is the Olive Street exit, that’s O-l-i-v-e Street…  We had a lovely time, but got slightly lost on the way back to the highway (as usual).

I knew it was going to be a long day of driving, so I did a brief sketch before we left. I may have mentioned that I have to practice my people drawing skills. I must have been feeling brave, because I sketched Joy, my wife. Unlike my last attempt I added more details to the figure, but put in background details as well, just in case I needed them to distract Joy from the figure, if it didn’t work out well.

Sketch: Morning Coffee at the Kids' House

Morning Coffee
12″x16″ 90# Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper


Many people report that Woody Allen doesn’t say a word to his actors. However, in one instance, I don’t remember the comic’s name, Woody Allen said about this about his performance, “It wasn’t terrible…”  That’s how I feel about this sketch. It could have been better, but it could have been worse.  I am proud of the fact that I am engaging with the drawing process even if I make a wrong turn or two.

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