Slowly Getting Back

I painted my first watercolor in quite a while today. It is not an object of beauty to be sure, but it succeeds in expressing visually, my physical and emotional feelings.

Watercolor: Double Image Dogface Down Pose

9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I understand there is a yoga position called ‘dog face down’. I don’t practice yoga so I don’t know for sure, but our resident dog, Ruby always seems to be stretching out, first forward, paws to the ground and then upward.

The forward position, with the red silhouetted head also includes a representation of a hand. I have been coughing so much that I have to hold my guts in so I don’t strain my already painful stomach muscles.

In the upward position, one can see my coughing (hypothetical, of course – I always cover my mouth).

As I mentioned, this watercolor is more of a journal entry than a work of art. It is a snapshot of my state of mind and body.

For those of you who have been following my blog, you know that the past month or so have been very trying, with the death of my mother, my wife’s illness, my illness and other things. Those who are new to my blog, please refer to these posts for more details: 90th BirthdayLast Moment, Dismantling, Service, Busy Day, and others of the past month or so.

Thank you for reading.

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