Don’t Insinkerate My Heart

I had just put my Coke glass in the sink and rinsed it out (yes, I was going to put it in the dishwasher). I looked back and noticed a really lovely shot. I couldn’t resist.

Photo: Coke Glass in Sink with Heart-Shaped Bubble Pattern

Today’s watercolor experiment:

I included the photograph above, because it would be hard to believe that a group of bubbles could spontaneously coalesce into a pattern resembling a broken heart.


I sketched the top view of the glass and the ‘insinkerator’, also known in the US as the ‘garbage disposal’. Both came out oval shaped instead of circular, but it didn’t make much of a difference to the composition.  I used a fine-tip India ink pen to scribe in the outline and some details, including the letters spelling ‘insinkerator’ around the drain. The most difficult part to sketch was the Coca-Cola script. I did not attempt a detailed rendering, but I hope that there is enough for the viewer to recognize the type of glass.

Here is my sketch:

Sketch: Coke Glass in Sink with Heart-Shaped Bubble Pattern

I only used three different pigments for this study: Hooker’s green; Buff titanium; and neutral tint. I added lamp black or titanium white to the green as needed for shading the different parts of the glass.

Watercolor: Coke Glass in Sink with Heart-Shaped Bubble Pattern

Don’t Insinkerate My Heart
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block


I like this study. The subject matter is whimsical. The only thing is, I wish the bubbles in my watercolor didn’t look like the cross section of a heart-shaped banana. Other than that, don’t you think this would make a great Valentine’s Day card? Perhaps I can sell the idea to Hallmark.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Insinkerate My Heart

  1. This is a beautiful watercolor! And a great bit of photography, too. (Okay, yes, it does look a bit banana-esque, but I have a firm belief that if you can’t do better, don’t criticize, so there’s that. If I drew it it would probably look like a blob. And not the pretty kind of blob. The blobfish kind of blob.


    • Thank you so much for your comment, Kamryn. I appreciate your compliment! Actually, there is nothing wrong with constructive criticism. I can see that you would be good at that from a brief read of your blog. Sometimes critiques even help, if the critiqueee is receptive and does not become defensive.
      You are a very good writer. Keep up the good work and thank you again.
      best wishes,


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