I usually append a watercolor sketch to my daily blog, but I didn’t want to steal any thunder from the sibling interview of my granddaughter about one year with her little brother.

Today’s experiment

In preparation for the party later today, we bought some flowers to plant. I think the one I tried to paint is called impatience, or in-patients, or something like that.

Watercolor Sketch - Flower

Unknown Flower
5″x7″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I am not terribly happy with how this came out. First of all, the central yellow of the petals are supposed to be delicately merged with the red surround. If one looks closely on the real flower, one can see veins.  I tried for that effect by laying down a central yellow pool and surrounding it with a purple-red pool, and merging them. That didn’t work. I think I used too much liquid. Also, I’m sure the small scale of the drawing didn’t help.

I started out with a new color paint that I thought would match the color of the petal surrounding the yellow. The color is Rose of Ultramarine by Daniel Smith. It was too purple, however. So after thorough drying, I used Winsor Red to wash over the outer portions of the petals. This is what obscured the fine variegations in the central yellow.

However clumsy this effort was, I learned a couple of things: 1) don’t use too much water when blending a central light color with a dark surrounding color; 2) dry immediately so the blending is not complete – leaving wispy unmixed colors; 3) choose the correct color to begin with unless you are certain that you can attain your desired color through a combination of washes.

4 thoughts on “Flower

  1. Always wondering, we are, in the Healing Garden. Wondering, for example, why you do not use a tad ‘more’ water’ and allow the tints to blend on paper. In flowers, it gives a random life like quality for me. Some brush work, some chance. BTW, we are thinking this is a primrose. Very easy to tell the diff if you include a leaf…


    • I agree that I did not really use watercolor techniques in the ‘flower’ composition, THGg. The sketch for 4-18 addresses this, but the main reason is that the colors of the flower are not the colors that would result from a watercolor blending – except perhaps for the pink band around the yellow – that came into my conscious mind only today. The scale is also pretty small (5″x7″), which does not allow for a lot of space to blend. I could be wrong about this, however.
      More practice!


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