Annotated Portrait

There is a huge gulf between the unrecognizable pictures of my brother in Mike Portrait to his portrait in ‘I Really Have to Dig Out My Journals’.

Michael is crying in the latter post. This is such a human thing to do. I really shocked me at the time.

I was rummaging through my Project Book and found some notes I made about how my parents reacted. Below are my notes overlaid on the emotion-laden moment that overtook Michael on that day.

Michael Crying Notes in script from parents overlaid on photo

2 thoughts on “Annotated Portrait

  1. This is stunning. I don’t want to “like” it because “like” isn’t the word I want to use here. I’m very moved. The combinations of words and image make up a powerful statement – in particular that none of you can know what your brother is crying about but that you are all deeply affected.

    • Thank you, W.U. The impact is strong indeed, especially after picturing my brother as in the Mike Portrait post: something unrecognizable versus something universally recognizable.

      As always, I appreciate your comments.



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