Abstract From a Face

In getting reacquainted with watercolors, I have purposely avoided referring to other artists. When I first started painting with watercolors, I spent months looking at the art of artists whose work I loved; more months accumulating supplies, brushes, paper and paints; and even more time making test strips for each tube of paint I acquired. I constructed a ‘book’ (shown in the post Now for the Reds) for easy reference to my colors. It must have been at least a year before I put brush to paper.

This year I want to begin each painting with an inspiration that comes from within my self. I have always invested part of myself in all my art, but for now I don’t want external prompts. This has been difficult.  I am looking forward to where my work goes from here.

Today’s work:

I began with a very rudimentary pencil sketch of a face: just a few lines. This was my starting point. I applied the yellow, then the blue surround, allowing the yellow to merge into the blue field.  More blue added to the remaining pencil lines comprised the figure internal to the yellow arc. I added red to the yellow, perhaps as a reference to feelings about the initial penciled-in proto face.

Abstract From a Face – First Pass

In the second stage, I added layers to the blue and yellow areas and, seeking to create some separation, juxtaposed purple with the yellow. This had the effect of separating the inner blue figure from the yellow.

Watercolor: Abstract - Abstract From a Face - Second Pass

Abstract From a Face – Second Pass

To finish, (and I’m not sure that it is finished), I added washes and added color to the upper right portion of the paper.  I’m not sure I like this work. I’d have to live with it a bit more to decide.

Watercolor: Abstract - Abstract From a Face

Abstract From a Face
16″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

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