Reading a Very Difficult Passage

One of the highlights of my time at work is when a group of special visitors comes into the store with a care giver.  They typically range from nonverbal to conversational. I love to help them, and begin a conversation, when possible. Today, I welcomed a small group as they came in.  To my, “Hello, welcome in.” I was, in turn, greeted, unremarkably, except for one young man wearing headphones who, with a hitchhiker’s thumb, gestured to the care giver behind him and said, “She’s mine.”  We smiled.

Later on, during my break, I came upon one of the visitors at the cafe.

Today’s sketch is about waiting, but the waiter is the artist. This is a first-person waiting situation. The subject is not waiting at all, but rather actively engaged in reading. She was reading aloud to herself.  I liked watching her and I liked sketching her.

Sketch: Pencil - Reading a Very Difficult Passage

Reading a Very Difficult Passage
Pencil Sketch
8″x5″ 110# Moleskin Journal

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