Portrait – Mike Resting

I think of my brother Mike* quite often. I credit him, in part, with the origin of my inquisitiveness and my wide range of interests. I challenged myself to conjure up an image of Mike and paint the first image that came to my mind.

Watercolor: Abstract - Portrait Resting 100217

Portrait – Mike Resting
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I have posted many articles, photographs and paintings of my brother Mike during my intellectual and artistic efforts to understand him. This image should stand on its own without the need to refer to previous work.

Mike currently resides in a geriatric group home. I haven’t visited him in quite a while. His right eye has a bluish cataract overlay. Mike frequently keeps his hand on the side of his face.

*Mike is my older brother who is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal.

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