No Cruising

I saw this sign in front of city hall the other day.  What is cruising anyway?  I could understand the sign if it was located in Venice, Italy. After all, nobody likes unwanted wakes from cruising boats. Would I be in violation if I drove slowly looking at passers by?  I suppose if I were looking intently at my surroundings, I would see the sign. It is posted about 20 feet in the air, higher than the traffic light.

Photograph: Street Photography - No Cruising Zone 090617

No Cruising Zone

More questions: if I was in a ‘No Cruising Zone’, where did it begin? where does it end?  Would have to read the city ordinance to know or will I see a ‘No Cruising Zone Ends’?

6 thoughts on “No Cruising

  1. We have one through the main drag in our town. The story here is that decades ago cruising was a thing. Driving up and down the same street repeatedly. They are relics of a bygone era here for the most part, when there was not a whole lot else to do with your girlfriend or friends on a Friday night than drive up and down the street repeatedly, shouting back and forth at others doing the same thing. Some areas/cities it was due to people driving back and forth looking for sex.


  2. It also seems very homophobic to me.

    The roads are where lots of gay men seem to cruise [find other SSA people and public displays of affection].

    Good question about “no cruising zones” / “cruising free zones”.

    Victo: I liked your historical explanation


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