Black on Black

I am a street photographer in the sense that I frequently photograph pavements. Many of my parking lot photographs have been in service of exploring the state of handicapped spaces. Some of these spaces retire from handicapped status to join the ranks of regular parking spots. These are painted over (although usually not completely). I am on the lookout for edited handicapped spaces, edited with black, white or blue paint.

I thought of the title of the photograph below before I even snapped the shutter (or whatever passes for a shutter in a phone these days). The black paint or tar against the black macadam could have been produced by an abstract expressionist of the mid 20th century.

The image in black could also be a prehistoric animal trapped in tar or fossilized between sediments.

Further inspection of the black medium revealed embedded, non-parking lot materials. This interesting mini La Brea tar pit traps an ancient creature, and modern day detritus.

Photograph: Street Photography - Black Tar on Black Macadam 090617

Black on Black

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