Egg Progression

I inked in the lines for today’s experiment, after painting a graded wash (blue-to-red-to-yellow). I inscribed the curved shapes as precisely as I could within the inked boundaries. The central ovoid is shaded for a three dimensional look (resulting in a spheroid); the blue circle is a flat planar disk; the yellow shape seems to have an incomplete border. These figures, taken together, neutralize any signs of depth that would ordinarily accompany converging lines.

Watercolor: Abstract - Curved Solids 062917

Egg Progression
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I like the final configuration of this painting, which was not my original vision. It works as is, however.

4 thoughts on “Egg Progression

  1. I like this so much. A very orderly surreal, that’s how I find it, and that is so intriguing to try to understand. If it can be! That’s even better. And, it is visually so clear and crisp. Just great.

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