Abstract Leaf

I started again by etching designs with my compass/divider and my straight edge. I began with circles, then partial circles, which I extended with arcs of longer radii. Somewhere during this process, the idea of a leaf began to coalesce. I had ideas about painting within the lines with interesting contrasting colors.  However, the first pass of dark green spilled over the lines and I had to reassess my direction.

The colors within the ‘leaf’ outline reflect the changing colors of a leaf during its lifetime. There are parallel vein-like lines within the outline and a like set of parallel lines outside the outline.

I left a grouping of circles below and to the right of the leaf object. I shaded it in such a way that implies motion.

Watercolor: Abstract - Foliage

Abstract Foliage 022417
12″x9″ 246# Linen Paper

I don’t have an idea of the full meaning of this abstract except that there is a leaf of some kind, and action of some kind.

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