I prepare the paper for my watercolors lately, by crumbling it into a ball and unfurling it. This time, instead of pre-wetting it, I crumbled first and wet it afterwards. This resulted in several tears at the edges of the paper.

Having been distressed lately at the tears in the fabric of the United States, the country in which I live. I thought I should do my best to repair that over which I had some control. (Thank you, Kerfe Roig of MethodtwoMadness, for giving me the idea of stitching on watercolor paper.)

This is my symbolic way of mending. I’m still getting my bearings about how to be a more effective citizen in letting the politicians know that I support them in opposing policies of an irrational leader (and irrational minority segment of the population).

I must use my hands to bring out my vision; use my voice to bear witness and let others know that what is happening to this country is unAmerican and just wrong.

Watercolor: Abstract - Stitched, Crumpled Paper

Watercolor with Stitching
14″x11″ 138# Vellum Finish Watercolor Paper

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