#2 Burbank Abstract

Today’s watercolor experiment:

Another abstract away from home:

My abstract compositions always seem to begin with a color and a brushstroke. Today the color was cobalt blue. The first bright-blue brushstroke inspired a second parallel stroke of dark blue. In the final piece, we see the dark blue in the center. The dark blue, in turn inspired me to brush in yellow ochre; in previous compositions I liked that color combination. Finally, I used terra rosa, one of my favorite colors, cadmium red light and a stripe of aureolin yellow.

The form of this abstract was inspired by my granddaughter Sidra, who absolutely loves weather. The swirls of color are reminiscent of a hurricane weather system.

Watercolor: Abstract - Burbank

Burbank Abstract #2
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block


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