Today’s watercolor experiment:

This watercolor is another in my ‘brain series’. However, it seems to lack a skull or any other narrative that would associate it with the brain.

Watercolor Sketch - Brain Series: Abstract 9614

Abstract 9614
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I began with wet paper and playful arcs mainly using blue tones (indanthrone, Prussian and ultramarine blues).  Before rewetting the paper, I added a diagonal streak of Shadow green. When that dried, I wet the paper again, added lemon yellow and English yellow (a transparent orange yellow tone). While the paper was still wet, I added cadmium orange: at the bottom, in a triangular shape; in the middle, just about the green streak, in a semi circular shape; and at the top, another semicircle, situated where many children would place the sun.

I don’t have a name for this aside from Abstract 9614. It reminds me of a brain only because of the gentle concentric arcs of blue, yellow and red (spectrum red gouache), and perhaps the green line, although I don’t quite know why. The green line is a balance beam or see saw. The orange forms might be disarranged, however, with the fulcrum (the triangular shape) at the end instead of the middle.

Upon putting a name to a piece, the possibilities of what it seems to be, become limited. Perhaps this study doesn’t belong with the brain series after all.  I should call it ‘Untitled’.

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