There are other people from my brother Mike‘s group home that go to his day program. Mike is one of the lowest functioning individuals there. There are others like him that do not speak, but the staff is very good with them. I visited him there many times.

He loved his slinky when he went there. The one at which Mike is looking is hardly recognizable as that same child’s toy that I used to make walk down the stairs at home. There are two major differences: 1) the one Mike has is made of plastic; 2) it is hopelessly tangled.

I don’t know why Mike always carried the slinky around with him. It’s contours must have held some kind of fascination. The portrait below shows my brother at the end of the school day. He looks tired.

I call this portrait, “Mike Contemplating His Slinky.” There is another portrait of Mike with his slinky in the post, “Name This Photograph“.

Mike contemplating his slinky

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